Sun and Moon in July


  1. Tine

    Dear Josefine Fine,
    we do not know each other – but this looks beautiful :).
    I stumbled across your page, pictures+words by accident (not planned ocassion or what’s the definition) and am enjoying the richness. Thank you.
    I am wondering if you know the book “Wild” by Jay Griffiths? A 7-year journey to indigenous people, searching for the meanings of “wild” on a lot of levels. Many thoughts/descriptions inspired or reminded me of what might be essential, what is precious, how wicked the points of view sometimes can be, yet how flexible they are. And that real nature is the true star. At least, what is left of it. Warmly recommended. All the best, Tine

  2. Thank you for your kind words and the book tip. I appreciate it.
    Sending good energy to you.
    Love and Respect

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